Lock Pin Installation


Chevy | Ford | Dodge | GMC (2002-2020)

*Lock bar will not work on Ford tailgates with built-in step

Toyota Tundra (2007-2020)

Bracket Installation

Prior to installation of brackets, remove rubber pads from each ramp peg. Latch lock bar in tailgate in order to obtain proper measurement for brackets. Position ramps on tail gate in a loading position, follow steps 1 through 10. Always use proper weight load and length of ramps for best results.

1. Place each bracket upside down on lock bar and ramp peg.
2. Using a pen mark ramp peg for drilling. this mark indicates where you drill.
3. Drill one 3/8” hole in each peg.
4. Using barrel screws, attach each bracket to ramp pegs. (Other bolts & lock nuts can be used.)
5. Tighten screws with screw driver. (Can use lock tight.)
truck loading ramps
6. Ready to use with a few adjustments. May be necessary to adjust lock pins prior to loading.
atv loading ramps
7. After adjustments, place ramps on tailgate, install lock bar. Make sure your tailgate latches are working properly. (They must lock.)
four wheeler ramps
8. Your vehicle ramps are now safely secured and your precious cargo is ready to be loaded.
9. After loading, it's time to remove the ramp lock bar simply pull the tailgate release. Lock bar will release.
atv loading ramps
10. Remove and store ramps – this can be accomplished in approximately 15 seconds.
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